Airdrie's Haunted House

If you're looking for a scare this Halloween, come to AIRSCARES and it'd be our pleasure to terrorize you.

How Terrifying is it?

Pretty scary.

We use a lot of live actors in our attraction that will bring this house to life!

This year's theme is #WHAT'SYOURBLLODTYPE?

Are you a Unicorn?

unicornCRYOur safe word is "Unicorn" - at any time if things are too much for you to take, just yell Unicorn and you will be immediately & safely escorted to the nearest exit.

Our goal is to have as many Unicorns as possible each year.

Call it Evil, but it's our scorecard of how we did.


Generally intended for adult audiences. AIRSCARES is that terrifying!

Ages recommended 10 years and up with adult supervision.

Younger children will be permitted entry, please be advised that due to the high scare; admission will not be refunded.

Our people are our strong point, we do more than just props.



  1. No Touching – The Actors Will Not Touch You. You May Not Touch the Actors. Punching is touching.
  2. No Photography or Video Recording of Any Kind
  3. Visitors of the Haunted Experience Must Stay With Their Guide at All Times
  4. Children Between the Ages of 10 and 12 MUST remain with an Adult at All Times
  5. No Smoking – Within the House or In Lineups
  6. No Food or Beverage Within the Haunted Attraction
  7. No Flashlights, Laser Lights or Use of Cell Phones Within the Haunted Attraction
  8. Safe Word is Unicorn – Once You Have Said UNICORN, Your Haunted Experience is Over
  9. All Tickets are Non-Refundable

How to get Tickets